On The Road!!

Today I’m writing from the road! We’re on our way out to Utah! I’m really proud of us, we managed to get all of our stuff together, and head out on time! We’re going to be stopping for lunch in Omaha, and I am so excited to visit a completely new restaurant! The last week […]

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Road Trip Prep!!

As you may know, I’m in the process of prepping for a road trip! We’ll be going to driving though Iowa, Nebraska, Wyoming, and South Dakota, and spending some days in Colorado and Utah. So, as we get closer to leaving, I’ve been putting things together for the trip. Step One is to make my […]

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Contemplating God’s Creation

Now that summer is here, I’ve been spending a lot more time outside enjoying the sunshine. I may live in the city, but nature is thriving here. I see bunnies on my walk to work, there are flowers and trees blooming everywhere, and birdsong catches my ear often. I feel like I’m in a Disney […]

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Quick Update and Big News!

This last week was so much fun! My roommate X and I have been watching Game of ┬áThrones together so that I’m caught up for season seven later this summer. We have a great time watching and making jokes. This is kind of the thing I do outside of work now. Thursday was a bit […]

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Starting The Minimalist Journey

Consumerism runs in my family. I’ve watched my mother shop and accumulate stuff in ever increasing mounds. Her mother does the same thing. If they can cut a good deal, they don’t really care if they need it, or if they’ll use it. It’s better to have this and that, and more of this, until […]

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Summer Time Sadness

Summer is here, and while I’m finding ways to have tons of fun, one really big thing has changed. My friend E has officially moved to Utah. I know, not the biggest deal. We live in the future, we can call and video chat and text, so it’s not like I’m going to completely lose […]

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