Celebrations and Support

I know, I know. I haven’t posted in a while. Let’s just say that things got a little crazy.

The last part of June wasn’t super interesting. It was mostly just work and the general press of stress. But July started off pretty wonderfully.

My friend A threw a Canada Day party, which was super fun! I got to meet a girl who swam on the Canadian Olympic team in Rio! There was poutine, nanaimo bars, and timbits, so not only was the party epic, it was super delicious!

Then, after a solid church experience, I got ready for my Fourth of July plans! I went camping at the Lake Elmo Nature Reserve! We started out at the waterfront with some boating and paddle boarding. I spend a lot of time wading in the water where there was a little bit more shade. After that, we went to set up camp.

It was a super beautiful campsite! We made a fire and had fire-roasted pigs in a blanket, smores, and roast starburst! There was a jamming playlist, and a lot of good friends. There was just under 30 of us, so it was a good group!

The next day, we had breakfast together, and enjoyed the sunshine. I’m so glad I went, because it was a phenomenal time! I haven’t been super social recently, because I’ve been facing some recurring mental health problems that make it hard to be with people. But a friend of mine reached out and asked me to come, and it meant a lot to her that I did. Not only that, when I RSVPed to the camping trip, someone posted:

It felt so wonderful to know that there were people excited for me to be around. When I self-isolate, it usually is me buying into the narrative that no one really wants me around anyway. But here were people going out of their way to show me that they not only cared, but were really excited to have me around.

After the 4th, I was back to work. It was pretty normal until Thursday, where I spent my afternoon moving files in the hottest part of the building. I felt like I was going to drown in my own sweat.

The weekend was pretty chill. I hung out with my friend X. We’re still working our way through Game of Thrones.

I had two panic attacks on Sunday, one in the morning as I was getting ready for church, and one at about 11:30pm. My friends were with me for the second, and again I was showered with love. TS made me tea, IJ sat by my side, and X calmly talked to me. This last week has really shown me that I have wonderful friends who will support me through anything. I’m incredibly thankful for them.

I also gave myself a little bit of a haircut. . . I’m still adjusting, but I think I look pretty darn cute.



Also I recently changed my phone background to this image. I’ve been wanting a good reminder that I can do this. What do you think?



Until Next Time,




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