Sunday Dreams

This last week has felt super crazy.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I adore being busy. I thrive on the happy chaotic energy of a tightly packed schedule. But this week was not entirely the good sort of chaotic.

I stayed home Monday to recover from my trip and to rest up my ankle. But, Monday nights are when everyone comes over, so it wasn’t as restful as I wanted or needed it to be. But Monday was extremely fun! My housemate X is running a dungeons and dragons campaign for the summer, and it’s super enjoyable.

Tuesday, I was headed back in to work. Now, my day job isn’t stressful until the end of July usually, but for some reason, this week felt crazy. Emails and phone calls, and a lot of looking forward to lunch break. My coworkers made us a Facebook chat so we can talk to each other when we’re all spread out over the office. See, there are eight of us and three difference cubicles we can be in, so sometimes, you can go all day without seeing the people you work with, even though you’re working the exact same hours.

On top of busy work days, I’ve been doing a lot more texting than usual. I’m not a huge phone person, it we’re being honest. I’ll text if I have to, and I avoid having to make and take calls wherever possible. But, when cute boys want to text me, I don’t really argue with it.

By the time Friday rolled around, I was ready for a three day long nap. But Friday afternoon, I had job training, because this week, I’m filling in for someone. So I know how to do a completely new job, and I get to be back in my own cubicle. I’m very excited! I won’t have to do phone calls, or walk-ins. It’ll just be me and my email inbox.

Saturday was my rom-com day this week. T texted me asking I was still up for helping him make a scrapbook. His parents are celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary, so he’s making a book with pictures and thanks from him and his siblings. So, Saturday afternoon we headed to the craft store to pick up what we needed. Then we headed back to my house to start putting things together. It was really lovely. I’m immensely proud of the banner I made for the front page.

After scrap booking, T headed home, and I got to hang out with my housemates.

Sunday was another fun day. I went to the first two hours of church. After that, TS picked me up and we headed to the Guthrie to see Sunday in The Park With George, which is a Sondheim musical that I’ve been dying to see. Image result for guthrie sunday in the park

It’s about George Seurat and his famous pointillism painting, and it breathes life into every one of the figures in the painting. The set was this beautiful white frame, with a white draped backdrop, and they used projections to add details to the scene. I am so thankful to have gotten to go, and if you’re able to see the production at the Guthrie, or a local production, I highly recommend it. It’s a great show, and it has a great message: connection is an art.

Until Next Time!




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