Year Marks and Temple Plans

The last week was as bustling and as busy as usual. But a couple of really cool things happened. On Thursday, my mom came down to visit. She and I went to the passport office to sort things out for my upcoming trips, and then we went shopping. We talked a little bit about her […]

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Living the Nerd Dream

I’m pretty classically nerdy: I like sci-fi and fantasy, I always have a book with me, and I play table-top role-playing games. I could write poems about my love for table-tops RPGS. I got into them while I was in high school because my friends were in games club, and would get together and play. […]

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Celebrations and Support

I know, I know. I haven’t posted in a while. Let’s just say that things got a little crazy. The last part of June wasn’t super interesting. It was mostly just work and the general press of stress. But July started off pretty wonderfully. My friend A threw a Canada Day party, which was super […]

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Sunday Dreams

This last week has felt super crazy. Now, don’t get me wrong, I adore being busy. I thrive on the happy chaotic energy of a tightly packed schedule. But this week was not entirely the good sort of chaotic. I stayed home Monday to recover from my trip and to rest up my ankle. But, […]

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Adventures in Mormonland

Hey kiddos, let’s talk vacation! I woke up last Monday at 6 am, eager to hit the road. I had my bag packed, my snacks ready, and spirits were high. We made good time, and stopped in Omaha for lunch. We went to this super cute pizza place called Lighthouse Pizza, where they offer these […]

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